Welcome to Hritaal Dance Centre

HRITAAL – the “taal” of the “hriday” or the “rhythm of the heart” is another name of the bonding that exists within the heartbeat of a group of young performers. The members of HRITAAL, through their performance, embody the unique style of the legendary maestro Uday Shankar, foremost exponent of Indian creative ballet. Our aim is t o spread this form of dance to every corner of the world, and into the heart of the common people. One of the best features of this dance form is that it can be performed with the backdrop of symphonies from every corner of the planet. Thus this graceful dance form can perfectly tap with any rhythm.

Jaydeep Palit

A Contemporary artiste, exploring the world of Indian Ballet.

The Director’s wand creates magic on stage with every swipe. Hritaal has been created and nurtured by his golden hands. Jaydeep Palit, the Choreographer with a huge bundle of experiences, an array of dance techniques to showcase and lots of love for his students.

Director’s Desk