Behind Hritaal

Jaydeep Palit

A Contemporary artiste, exploring the world of Indian Ballet.

A contemporary, creative dancer and choreographer, Jaydeep Palit was initiated into creative dancing in the year 1983, at the tender age of six under the guidance of the renowned exponent of Indian Ballet, Smt. Amala Shankar, wife of the legendary maestro Pandit Uday Shankar at Uday Shankar India Culture Centre . After completing the initial training in 1987 Jaydeep joined ‘Udayan’, dance institution .

‘Udayan’ provided the ideal platform to nurture and develop his natural talents in the field of creative dancing. The institute awarded him the ‘Master’ certificate in the year 1995, after successful completion of the course, in recognition of his professional excellence.

Gradually, Jaydeep was promoted to the rank of a professional dancer and performed in various renowned showcases regularly. In the process, he had the opportunity to choreograph various dance numbers at different levels. At the present moment he stands tall with the experience of participating in more than 600 shows in India and numerous countries abroad like Belgium, Holland, Greece, United States of America, West Indies, Egypt, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore, Bangladesh etc. over the past 25 years.

To fulfill his keen desire to master various Indian classical dance forms, Jaydeep completed his initial training in Kathakali from ‘Udayan’. Later his skills were further refined under the personal guidance of the renowned exponent of Kathakali, Late Pt. Guru Govindan Kutty at ‘Kalamandalam’ in Kolkata. Jaydeep has also attended various workshops on contemporary dance styles, the most notable being those conducted by Smt. Amala Shankar, Narendra Sharma and Achhyut Narayan. He has also had a basic exposure to the Kalari Payattu form of technique conducted by Ranjan Mullaratt of Bangalore. The Kuchipudi form of classical dance conducted by Smt. Vyjyanthi Kashi, of Bangalore is to be noted also. The special workshop conducted by Paul Taylor Dance Company of USA needs special mention in this respect.

Jaydeep along with his troupe Hritaal Dance Centre, participated in various dance festivals like Uday Shankar Dance festival (2007,2008, 2013,2015-16), Sambhu Bhattacharya Dance Festival, Puri International Beach Festival, Chilka festival, Jaipur festival, World Dance Day Festivals (2003,2005,2007,2008,2009,2010,2014,2015,2016) etc. Hritaal won the title of the Best Production in the Group Competition organised by Nav Sandhya in association with Lions Club, Kolkata in the year 2007. The director and the choreographer has been awarded the best choreography for his most popular creations " CHETONA " , “THE BURNING LOTUS”, “PROBAHO”, “BANSURI”, “KALMRIGAYA” and was also rewarded the Charbak Sen Smriti Purashkar for the same. With the passage of time he also choreographed dance numbers for Airport Authority Of India ( Eastern Region ) for the past 6yrs and conducted numerous workshops at the management institute XIMB ( Bhubaneswar) , Dhriti Nartanalaya(Dhaka) & Prapon Academy ( Chittagong). He was also appointed as dance choreographer for the Annual Concerts of Central Modern School, Baranagar,Kolkata for 5 consecutive years. At present, time and again he also conducts different workshops and short term courses based on Uday Shankar Style. Jaydeep was honoured to choreograph a special concert for children with mental and physical shortcomings from The Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy, Kolkata in the year 2007.

Hritaal was felicitated by the very respectful Sishu Kishore Academy, Department of Information & Cultural Affairs, Govt. of West Bengal in the year 2011 For performing Chetana .

Jaydeep with his troupe Hritaal staged Baansuri at the renowned platform of Uday Shankar Choreography Festival in the year 2015 organised by West Bengal Dance Group Federation and the Uday Shankar International Dance Festival organized by West Bengal State Music Academy, Department of Information and Cultural Affairs, Govt. of West Bengal, 2015-16.

Hritaal was felicitated for their contribution to the dance form of Uday Shankar style by the maestro of the Shankar Gharana herself, the very respectful Smt Mamata Shankar on 8th December 2015, the 115th Birth Anniversary of Pandit Uday Shankar.

Hritaal is extremely proud to be associated with the renowned Hospitality Chain, Hotel Hindusthan International and has performed for 5 consecutive years at their very respected annual summits.

One of the most cherished and respected showcase conducted by Hritaal Dance Centre was at the very respectful Indian Airforce Auditorium, Subrata Park, New Delhi. It was a masterpiece dedicated to MiG 21 Flying Officer,Late MP Anil Kumar, who became quadriplegic as a result of a motor-cycle accident, and eventually transformed into a writer and historian. The Indian Airforce chose Hritaal to narrate the wonderful tale of this memorable personality. Not only Hritaal gained a lot of respect from the Indian Airforce, but also was mesmerized by the experience of sharing the lifestory of such an amazing patriot.

Jaydeep as a Director and Choreographer has been felicitated by Dhriti Nartanalaya,Dhaka & Prapan Academy, Chitagong, Bangladesh, Mecon Group of Industries Private Ltd. Ranchi, Essar Steel Ltd. & Reliance India, Gujarat, Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering Institute of Technology, Benaras Hindu University, Saraswat Sanskriti Kendra, Kolkata, Upasana Ballet Troupe, Tarit Sarkar Ballet Troupe, Shinjan, Kolkata. He was also felicitated by Smt Priyadarshini Shom and Smt. Mohana Iyer, joint directors of Natyanova Performing Arts, Kolkata for his excellence in the field of Kathakali Art Form.The latest feather added to his hat of recognition is the felicitation at Rotary Club of Kolkata, South West, where he was honoured with the Vocational Award for his contribution in the field of Creative Dance on 19th Feb 2016.