The guilt ridden King Dashrath recalls the cursed day, when his passion for ruthless hunting, by mistake took the life of the innocent Rishikumar Sindhu, son of the Blind sage residing in the jungle. The blind sage out of extreme anger and anguish cursed the king where in life he will be deprived of parenthood. This musical depicts the entire story of the day when this mishap happened. The lovely innocent Rishikumar, pranced through the jungle, dancing with the deers, grew up among Mother Nature and the beautiful forest fairies, and was taught the values of life, principles and education from his blind father. Once upon a horrid evening, the sage was thirsty and the little Rishikumar left for the river to get water for his father. The dark clouds covered the sky, the forest shrieked with pain as if to convey a premonition of the death. King Dashrath heard the sound of lapping water and mistaking the Rishkumar to be a Deer drinking water, shot his venomous arrow in that direction. The arrow pierced through the innocent boy who died leaving his blind father alone. The sage was furious and a curse fell upon the pleading King. The king was not forgiven and the curse came true when Ram, Laxman and Sita left Ayodhya and went to exile for 14 years.

Chetona is an adaptation of the literary master-piece “Kalmrigaya” a dance-drama written and composed by Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore. The use of brilliant lights, the montage of the events and the high emotional titillation makes Chetona a must watch. This was the first production of Hritaal Dance Centre and has already been awarded numerous times.

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